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Lisa, Earthwork’s Outreach Coordinator, tells us that it’s a big deal to be featured in America Magazine – or at least it is in her household where her mother read it without fail every week.  I hope this is not her week to take off from reading as it features a lovely article on Earthworks […]

Yesterday we had the great fortune of hosting a bunch of folks that are in Michigan State Student Organic Farm’s Organic Farmer Training Program.  We also had the apprentices from the Greening of Detroit come over and join us for lunch.  First we went on a tour of the gardens at Earthworks, and then came […]

market day


We are going to try to be better about posting, but we are not promising anything. The first crops were harvested this last week for market and sold at the first market – mostly greens – collards and red russian kale, and honey and jam. We sold out of all our fresh produce and lots […]